Cuts cafe – Brixton

20 Jan

Cuts Cafe – Brixton

The idea is to set up a community space where people can come together and make themselves free teas, coffee, or whatever else they’d like to drink, and sit and talk with the people around them. Conversation on the cuts, how they are affecting us and our community, and how we can organise around them is welcome, but this is not to say that this is all we talk about! The important thing is that we have a warm, welcoming, safe space where we can make friends and talk with each other without the involvement of money.

The idea for this project came one afternoon when I was sitting in a corporate cafe – I was thinking about how much I enjoyed getting out of the house and being in a different environment, watching the people around me, and sipping a warm drink. However, this experience demands money, which we do not always have. Furthermore, I feel uncomfortable being served by people who are being paid low wages for all their hard work when I’m perfectly able to make my own tea. I thought up a space where we can meet as equals, so that one person is not ‘serving’ another, make our own drinks, and do so without the pressure of money. A place where we can come together and talk with each other, in the face of the government’s alienating cuts, is incredibly important. My mum taught me, from a very early age, that coffee is key to a good life. I would love for this to emerge somewhere in central Brixton.

If anyone is up for turning this into a reality, please do get in touch.


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