Women’s library occupation

8 Mar

Just a quick note before bed about the Women’s Library occupation that happened earlier on today and will be going on over the weekend and hopefully beyond.

Instead of an exhibition on women’s struggles being closed on international women’s day, the occupation has meant that the exhibition now will be extended so that more people can enjoy it. The occupation is also against the plans for this incredible space and important feminist resource being closed and its contents shifted to the London School of Economics, and against austerity and its gendered impacts.

The occupation is incredible and inspiring – it’s hard to articulate exactly what is so wonderful about it – it’s more of a feeling after spending a wonderful day there talking, organising, and hunting for food. But there is a great warmth and determination about everyone and the space. There is also a badge machine!!! I’ve been getting angrier and angrier recently, but  there was a real sense of hopefulness about it all. There are tonnes of amazing events happening in the space and so you should absolutely go down and get involved.

The Women’s Library occupation has added to the amazing action-planning-against-austerity events that are taking place all over London this weekend – with Skillshare 2013, Benefit Justice meeting, London Roots Collective drop-in, CAAT…it’s all really exciting!


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