Skillshare 2013

13 Mar

Best avatar ever (rivalling @wolvopingu?)

Aaaawwwwwww I just wanted to write a post bigging up the wonderful Skillshare 2013 this weekend. I think I spent most of it wide eyed with excitement – particularly the last session on ‘props and ninja tactics’. My friend had promised that it would have “everything you can think of, well almost everything…” and this was definitely the case. The workshops – including public (dis)order, lockons, Fitwatch, climbing and abseiling and more – provided a much needed space to learn new skills, rethink old ones, and share stories and ideas related to our activism. The two days were massively useful, fun, engaging and inspiring. I learnt so much from everybody involved, it was wonderful. With things feeling a bit shit, skill shares like these can help us reflect on what we’re doing and what we face and support each other in doing things better. Skilling up with each other helps break down informal hierarchies and helps us towards what a friend has suggested we aim for – ‘Total Anarchy’ – based on the Dutch football tactic…which in turn inspired ‘Total Policing’. Skill shares also open up new tactics to new people, or to old people who’ve been having a bit of a break, making sure what we do is accessible to everyone who wants to be involved.

Even though the workshops were hugely comprehensive, we flagged up things that we didn’t have time to think about more then. So hopefully we can get together and skill share again soon. (Of course, we should be making an effort all the time to share our skills within our groups and between groups but dedicated events such as this one are super fun and allow us to encounter people and skills (e.g. ninja skills) that we may not previously have come across.) I think there were loads of people who wanted to come but were unable to make this weekend which was rammed with other events and happenings. In a way, it was really lovely being in a smaller group which allowed us to discuss things more and get to know each other, creating a really warm and comfortable environment, however, it also meant we couldn’t practice avoiding kettles properly as we didn’t have the numbers. Next time though!

I’m still feeling so stoked thinking about it now!

Massive thanks to the awesome folks who organised the event and ran workshops!


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