Housing and anti-work articles

8 May

I recently wrote an article for Red Pepper magazine about bedroom tax organising happening across the UK. I had great fun at a rowdy town hall meeting in Crawley and was moved and inspired by a Leeds’ meeting in which a group of strangers created an incredible feeling of togetherness by the end. I loved speaking with people. I was saddened and enraged by their stories, but also inspired and hopeful. Read it here.

My prolific use of the hashtag #WrongToWork got me an invitation from the Occupied Times to rage against work. I just visited LARC to cram my pannier bag full of this issue on the topic of work. I chatted with one of the Occupied Times folk about the importance of free radical media that you can hold in your hands and pass on to others (after listening to Novara with me yesterday, my mum said she’d like to read more about politics but doesn’t have the internet at home, so OT and other free zines are really important). The OT collective all work for free. They could do with help folding the paper and distributing it, so contact them if you can help. My article is here. There’s also an ace article on workfare (link for this not up yet, but will add it when it is) and a fantastic workfare infogram.

Finally, I read this last night and it made my evening.

2 Responses to “Housing and anti-work articles”

  1. rosannera May 9, 2013 at 8:09 am #

    Great to wake up and read something energetic and positive while I have my morning coffee!

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