Housing struggles in Europe – videos!!!

17 Jun

Two ace videos of housing activists speaking about their campaigns in Spain and Germany at  a recent ‘Stop Evictions’ conference held in London.  These short videos are really interesting and inspiring. As we look for ways to challenge the (artificial) housing crisis we face across the UK with the decimation of housing benefit, criminalisation of residential squatting, soaring rents, gentrification, increasing attacks on rough sleepers by thugs [1] and the official thugs of the police, it’s great to have this dialogue and learn from others elsewhere.




Also check out this wonderful animation from Berlin about the campaign against the eviction of the Gulbols (the family mentioned in the above video) which also clearly explains the forces at work behind the housing crisis.



Housing action UK – there are a number of established and newly emerging groups of people taking direct action for housing rights. Take a look at Combat Bedroom Tax Liverpool, Stand Up In Bootle, Leeds’ Hands Off Our HomesLondon Coalition Against Poverty, and the London Eviction Resistance Network.

Finally, this week in Warsaw, direct action housing activists from across Europe are meeting up to share stories and ideas and make links with each other. A call out on facebook is here and also pasted below.

From June 21 – 23 we invite direct action housing rights groups for a practice-based meeting in Warsaw, Poland.

*Fight back for housing! Warsaw, June 21-23*

Dear All,

Our friend, tenants’ rights activist and co-founder of one of
Warsaw’s grassroots tenants’ rights associations- Jola
Brzeska- was brutally murdered in March 2011. Two years after
her death, whoever paid to kidnap, pour diesel fuel and set Jola
on fire has still not heard charges. Instead, those with the
greatest interest in her removal, most notably the developer who
took over her building, continue business as usual on
privatization of Warsaw’s public housing. Jola’s murder shows
the severity of what is already the collective tragedy of
thousands of the city’s tenants, abandoned to the speculative
caprice of the market. As the authorities put profits over
people, they increase private investment and systematically
reduce public housing options to the great harm of tenants
forced onto the street and out of the city.

The degradation of the right to housing and wild privatization
occur across European countries. We feel that it is time to
learn from each others’ experiences of direct struggle against
these processes (blocking evictions, reappropriation actions),
to exchange knowledge about tactics used to enforce
privatization in our respective countries, and to put an effort
to externalize the struggle on a European-wide scale. *From June
21 – 23 we invite direct action housing rights groups for a
practice-based meeting in Warsaw, Poland. *From Friday to Sunday
we will have workshop presentations on the struggle for the
right to housing by country/city, time for closed discussion on
strategies and perspectives for collective action, and a day of
housing action here in Warsaw.

We will provide accommodations at our occupied social center-
Syrena (www.syrena.tk <http://www.syrena.tk/>), located in
center city Warsaw. *Please RSVP to this email by May 31st if
you/your group would like to propose a workshop, discussion,
film projection, or other activity*. Also, should you like to
participate, please send any materials concerning the struggle
for housing in your country/city, as we would like to put
together a practical publication.

In attachment, materials for printing.

We hope to see you in Warsaw!
Syrena collective /syrenawarszawa@gmail.com

[1] This call out was posted by Streets Revolution on 30th May 2013

please circulate

It has came to our attention that Rough Sleepers are currently being attacked in Central London by a gang of three men on a nightly basis.

We urgently appeal that this information is spread far and wide to those associated with our streets in London.

There have been at least 10 attacks that we are aware of in the last week. In all attacks the rough sleepers were alone and asleep at the time. The severe beatings have lasted a few minutes and the peoples meagre personal possessions: Phones, ID, passports and belongings have also been stolen. Due to the nature of people having to find sleeping spots off the beaten track there have been few witnesses.

The ‘gang’ consists of three white men in their late 20’s – early thirties and appear to be targeting mainly East European homeless Folk. This is significant as the attackers may be aware that those new to the country are less likely to get the authorities involved due to justified mistrust.

Violence sadly is part and parcel of the real everyday risks that exist for those who find themselves homeless. This current organised escalation in violence is a very worrying trend and we need to make our homeless community aware and do whatever we can to prevent these attacks. On one night alone we know of 3 separate attacks carried out by this gang.

For any further information please contact: jon.glackin@streetsrevolution.com


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