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Colorama 2 film

15 Sep

Last night, at the Colorama 2 takeover of the Made Possible By Squatting exhibition, there was the first film screening of a film made by a Colorama 2 squatter. Shot over the 6 months in which Colorama 2 was lived in by the C2 crew the film beautifully captured communal life in the old photography factory. It really is something really special to watch – perhaps partly because the space and the people were familiar to me (this was the first ever squat I’d got to know well), but mostly because all the shots were beautiful, often hilarious, moments of squatted communal life in Elephant and Castle. Hopefully it’ll be put up online for others to enjoy or coming to a squatted space near you soon. 

Marx reading groups starting up

4 Sep

I thought it’d be worth posting this online. I got it as an email recently about the reading groups and I’m quite excited. It should be fun, chilled out and open.


Two new reading groups on Marx and autonomist thought will be starting this September at UCL, run by a diverse group of activists, academics and anyone that wants to turn up. If you are interested please email sam.halvorsen.10[at]


1. Open and Autonomist Marxisms


This group will explore some key texts from two schools of radical Marxists that have been popularized in the late 20th Century. In the first term, we will read the work of renowned Open Marxist John Holloway in his two most recent books “Change the World without Taking Power” (2002) and Crack Capitalism (2010). We may try and supplement these with some readings from others texts, such as the edited trilogy entitled “Open Marxism”. In the second term we will look at the work of Autonomist Marxism, a tradition that emerged in 1960s Italy and has largely rejected the dialectical approach taken by Open Marxists. We will decide on the exact texts to read during the first term, but will likely include some classic work by Autonomists such as Negri and Tronti.


A great book providing an overview of these traditions has recently been published, see:, however I have yet to find a downloadable version.



2. Reading Marx’s Grundrisse


Following our reading of Capital Vol 1 last year we are going to tackle the text that for many Autonomists is Marx’s most important one, which was originally written as preparatory notes for Capital. The idea is to read it together throughout the year, hopefully engaging with other literature and debates as we go. The suggested text to accompany it will be Negri’s “Marx Beyond Marx: Lessons on the Grundrisse” which, although not a guide book, should be useful in placing this text within the autonomist tradition and how it has been applied by many.


Each group will meet fortnightly, at UCL near Euston, on weekday evenings (7-9pm). At the moment it is looking like Group 1 will meet on Monday evenings, starting on September 23rd, and the Group 2 will meet on Wednesdays starting on September 18th.


PDFs of the main texts from both groups can be downloaded here:



Please pass this email on to anyone else who may be interested.