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The Police, Squat Evictions and Housing Precarity

12 May

A little while ago, I wrote a piece about squatting and the abuse that bailiffs and police commit against squatters which is now on the New Left Project. Please take a read of it here and maybe even ‘like’ it on facebook and share on twitter 🙂

I wrote the piece because I was angry at all the shit that my friends would tell me that they experienced, on a regular basis, as they attempted to house themselves – bailiffs stealing their possessions as they evicted them, owners sending round heavies, police breaking in through the roof. I wanted to show how this is one aspect of the violence that is the housing crisis. 

Since writing this article, there’s been another illegal squat eviction of Hampstead police station by the police, and an attempted illegal eviction by the police of squatters in the Hackney police station – this time, squatters managed to sneak back in when the coppers tried to get them out. Then, a bunch of builders turned up at one attempted squat eviction and, with police present, reversed into one of the squatters before driving off. The police ‘pursued’ them but didn’t catch them, and then refused to investigate the case.